Hydrogen Flux Monitoring and Hydrogen Permeation Measurements

Welcome to Ion+.  A special division of Ion Science dedicated to the measurement of hydrogen flux from steel in corrosive and hydrogen service.

Our flagship product is Hydrosteel® 6500.  This offers all the advantages of Hydrosteel 6000 and 7000, plus the ability for monitoring up to four ports sequentially, using a single battery operated portable analyser.

Hydrosteel technology has been engaged in hydrogen flux measurements in field and laboratory for almost twenty years. The unique advantage of hydrogen flux measurement is in providing, quickly and non-intrusively, an indication of corrosion in real time.  The main constraint is the specific scenarios in which hydrogen flux arises.  For this reason,  over half of our instruments are used to measure active corrosion of steel in specific sour, HF and high temperature acid service in oil production and refineries.

As Hydrosteel  provides very specific measurements for a range of highly specialised applications, these web pages provide information on the correlation of flux measurements with other measurements of interest, such as corrosion rates and hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) risk.  We also describe some of the chief application areas, where and when to deploy the equipment, and links to related technical literature.’

Please contact us on info@ionscience.com for immediate assistance with sales and technical enquiries relating to Hydrosteel 6500.